About us

Toria’s Pride

Born in mid 2017 the idea was conceived by the notion of pure quality service and value for money. Our motto lies upon the reassurance a customer feels when being catered by us, to be able to provide the best quality service without the accompanying financial drawbacks usually expected. Formed by veterans of the Tanzania tourism industry, we strive for the best there is.

Passion for Work

We work more like a family than just work mates, we take pride in the fact that we are all very passionate about the work we do as well as have immense respect for the preservation of quality service.

Customized Services

Listen, Advice and plan are the systematic steps that each of our team members follow when providing service to our customers. We listen to the aspirations and dreams of the customer, we advice on the best way to achieve these dreams while spicing up the experiences with activities our specialists suggest will be best suited and lastly plan strictly but remembering that fun is the whole point of the service.

Our Mission

We seek to enhance the tourism and travel experience for our customers while creating the ultimate value for their money as well as exposing them to the best our destinations have to offer.

Our Vision

We envision becoming exemplary leaders of the tourism and travel industry not just in Africa but worldwide.